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Hunting Trophy Transport   
Our aim is to ensure that game hunters have fond memories of their hunt in South Africa,  most importantly, to ensure that the trophies obtained there make it back home in one piece. We remove the headache of forwarding the mounts, including all legal requirements.

The Process for Hunting Trophy Transport

  • Contact made by Taxidermist that shipment is ready for collection.    
  • Goods collected by Jantzen representative– ensuring all documentation supplied is correct.     
  • Overseas hunter is contacted and informed of status of shipment, and also supplied with estimate for delivery of crate. The same information is supplied to Taxidermist.
  • Export documentation is framed.
  • Details of the shipment is sent to Jantzen to ensure all destination regulations are adhered to.
  • Goods and documents to be examined, and if all are in order, documents are be passed at customs.
  • Documents sent to Jantzen International prior to departure to ensure all compliance with import regulations.
  • After payment is received, and receiver is in possession of import permit (where necessary), crate will be sent.
  • Original documents to accompany air freight shipments at all times.     
  • Original documents will be sent by courier for sea freight shipments.     

Services Provided 
  • Collection of crates from Taxidermists premises.         
  • Warehouse facility for storing crates prior to export. 
  • Fumigation of wooden packaging.   
  • Information on changing rules and regulations.
  • Workmanship for Taxidermy can be collected on your behalf and paid over on receipt.
  • Insuring of cargo.   

Know Before You Go   
If you are not using our recommended agent, please advise your outbound forwarder to consign your shipment as follows:
Your Name c/o Jantzen International, Ltd.Elk Grove Village,IL, 60007  Contact: Marybeth Wilson Tel: 847-640-5200
If your outbound forwarder has an office in Chicago, please ask them to alert Jantzen International so that we can contact that office to confirm all details and charges due prior to your shipment’s arrival.
Advise the outbound forwarder that the destination airport is Chicago/O’Hare International Airport.
Please make sure you give the outbound forwarder our fax number (847-640-0155) or email address:marybeth@jantzenweb.com, so they can advise us that freight is on its way.
Please have someone from overseas provide you or our office with the Master Airway bill number. This number is three digits a dash and then eight digits -example: 023-00000000 the first three digits identify the airlines and the last eight numbers are the tracking number.  
Be sure to advise our office that you have a shipment coming.
We request that you fill out our Hunter Information Sheet prior to your shipment arriving.We cannot make entry with U.S. Customs without your social security number as we have to transmit through U.S. Customs system.
WE MUST HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION ON THIS COMPLETE IN ORDER TO CUSTOMS CLEAR. If you have original permits you will need to courier those to us DO NOT mail. We must have original permits to clear Fish & Wildlife.
Any air freight charges that are in advance on your behalf you will be required to pay us upfront. All other charges will be billed to you.
Make sure that anything that requires a cities permit will not expire prior to the trophy’s arrival. Make sure your cities permit is signed by the country it is exporting from.
**If you are bringing in a primate you must get a CDC (Center of Disease Control) permit. We cannot make entry with Fish & Wildlife until we have the permit.  As soon as you arrive back in the states contact our office and we will give you all the necessary information to obtain your permit.  
Please contact us at (847) 640-5200 or complete a Rate Quote Shee
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